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Hall-Mills Murder Radio Broadcasts

WINS, a New York City radio station, broadcast reports on the infamous Hall-Mills murder case of September 1922 in approximately 1969. A reel-to-reel tape of the broadcasts was acquired by the New Brunswick Free Public Library from the Home News Tribune office in East Brunswick, New Jersey, in 2013. It is not known if the audio recording was made at WINS or recorded off the air. The library had the audio tape converted into a digital format and made transcriptions of the entire recording, which can be downloaded here.

The reports center around a recent (at the time) development: Julius Bolyog, a Hungarian immigrant who had been friendly with Willie Stevens, spoke after 47 years about his involvement in the murder case. There are 8 separate report segments, each no more than 5 minutes long. Click the links below to access the MP3 files and listen to the recordings.

Part 1
This first segment introduces the listener to the Hall-Mills murder case and the recent development of Julius Bolyog coming forward with information.

Part 2
This segment delves into the murder case a bit more, with information about the "Pig Woman" and how her testimony came into play.

Part 3
This segment explains more about Bolyog's involvement.

Part 4
This segment discusses how Bolyog's story was met by officials.

Part 5
This segment speaks to why Bolyog came forward when he did, and what officials did with the information he gave them.

Part 6
This segment discusses evidence supporting Bolyog's story.

Part 7
This segment speaks to the continuing investigation.

Part 8
This final segment explains why Bolyog remained silent for so long, and wraps up the story.

Again, the transcript of the entire broadcast can be downloaded (PDF) here.

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